HORSE Tournament Strategy

Beginning a HORSE Tournament

Players always try to make as many chips in their best games in HORSE, and this usually leads to a lot of early action, especially in Limit Texas Holdem. This is why I recommend laying low in Limit Texas Holdem for the first couple rotations while the players who bump up the action are still in play. Typically these players will be eliminated from the tournament fairly quickly because they will be weak in the other games.

You should play very tight in the first couple rounds of Limit Holdem and in the other games you should build your chip stacks at the expense of the other players, most likely the ones who were playing very aggressively in Limit Holdem. Hopefully you are skilled at a couple games besides Texas Holdem, because if you aren’t you probably shouldn’t be playing in a HORSE tournament.

As the blinds go up and the games rotate, you should begin to see the Holdem players start to fall out of the game, beginning in the second run-through of the HORSE rotation, especially during the Holdem section. There will be some short stacks at this time and with the chip stack you hopefully have built by this time you can easily take some out provided lady luck doesn’t spit in your face.

Once the second rotation is done you should have a very healthy chip stack from sniping at the weak and the short stacked. You can then approach the HORSE tournament as any other tournament, playing your top game and building your chip stack while taking out the weak. This approach should hopefully let you cruise right into the money.

Try this method out the next time you play in a HORSE tournament. With a bit of luck and well-directed skill, you can find yourself placing in the money.


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