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Howard Lederer PictureHoward Lederer Biography

Career Winnings: $3,400,578
2007 Winnings: $126,203
Bluff/ESPN Ranking: None
Cardplayer Ranking: None

Howard Lederer is the man known as “The Professor of Poker.” He is a methodical poker player who rarely gets flustered at the table and is also a very good poker teacher. Howard hasn’t played much in 2007 and isn’t ranked in either the Bluff or Cardplayer rankings, but he did make the final table of the World Series of Poker $2000 Seven Card Stud event.

Howard used to go by the nickname of “Bubba,” a nickname given to him by Doyle Brunson, due to his large size, bur after gastric bypass surgery he slimmed down considerably, so he is now just “Bub,” as he is half the man he used to be, according to his sister, Annie Duke. Howard taught his sister how to play poker, and Annie has become a very successful poker player. Howard never wants to see Annie at the same table in a poker tournament, since she has made a habit of knocking him out, although he has returned the favor a few times. Annie has the Lederer competitiveness just like her brother.

Howard Lederer was born on October 30, 1964 and entered the very competitive world of the Lederer family. Howard’s family was always playing games against each other, and everyone hated to lose, leading to a large amount of competitiveness in the family. Howard moved to New York at the age of 18 to become a chess player.

Howard discovered poker while he was playing chess, as there was always a poker game going on in the backroom of his favorite chess club. Howard began playing poker, and ended up broke most of the time. He began doing favors to the other players to get into the game. Howard was playing poker 70 to 80 hours a week, and wasn’t getting much sleep, but once Howard decided to cut back on poker he ended up becoming a better player, getting more sleep and able to make better decisions. Howard ended up joining the Mayfair Club, which was a highly prestigious club who had a lot of extremely skilled backgammon, chess, and bridge players. A poker group to study poker was formed at the club, with other now famous poker players in the group, including Dan Harrington and Erik Seidel.

Wanting to play in the largest cash games he could find, Howard moved to Las Vegas in 1993. Howard actually played in very few tournaments until the World Poker Tour was created and the excitement of the now popular tournaments caught his attention. Large buy-in Texas Holdem tournaments are Howard’s favorite events.

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