Clonie Gowen Bio

Clonie Gowen PictureClonie Gowen Biography

Career Winnings: $570,552
2007 Winnings: $155,376
Bluff/ESPN Ranking: 168th
Cardplayer Ranking: 1690th

Clonie Gowen earned her unique name thanks to her sense of timing; she was born in 1971 in Oklahoma while a cyclone was raging outdoors. Clonie Gowen began her poker career when she was living in Dallas, Texas and had to drive to Shreveport, Louisiana when she wanted to play. Poker was worth the long journey.

Clonie Gowen has done well in 2007, having had a 6th place finish at the Aussie Millions tournament, a first place finish in Poker After Dark, and two cashes at the World Series of Poker.

The World Poker Tour provided Clonie Gowen with a way to showcase her abilities. She finished in the top ten in the Costa Rica Classic and followed that up by winning the WPT Ladies Night event. Clonie had two big finishes in 2005, finishing seventh in the $2,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Ultimate Poker Challenge and she also finished third in the FullTiltPoker.Net Championship at Wynn Las Vegas.

The next year Clonie had another strong finish in a Full Tilt Poker event, finishing third in the FullTiltPoker.Net Pro Showdown at the Red Rock Casino. With this list of accomplishments, Clonie Gowen is a well-known and feared sight at the poker table.

Clonie Gowen likes to teach poker as well. She has provided expert commentary for many major tournaments, and is a partner in a poker school. Clonie also enjoys hosting tournaments and charity events.

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