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Barry Greenstein PictureBarry Greenstein Biography

Career Winnings: $5,303,423
2007 Winnings: $532,819
Bluff/ESPN Ranking: 7th
Cardplayer Ranking: 130th

Barry Greenstein was born on December 30, 1954 in Chicago, Illionois. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and worked at Symantec, a computer security company, before he quit in 1991 to become a professional poker player. He has been given a nickname of “The Robin Hood of Poker” for his philanthropic ways, donating all of his tournament winnings to charity. Barry earns enough money in cash games to support his lifestyle.

In 2007, Barry Greenstein has done very well at the World Series of Poker. He has made two final tables, including a 7th place finish at the $50,000 HORSE tournament, and has also had two more very strong finishes.

Barry Greenstein has won two World Series of Poker bracelets. His first came in 2004 at the $5000 No Limit Deuce To Seven Triple Draw event and his second came in 2005 at in the $1500 Pot Limit Omaha event. Barry has also had success on the World Poker Tour, making it to four final tables and winning twice.

Barry Greenstein is a very good poker teacher. He taught Mimi Tran, one of the bst female poker players, how to play in a deal where Mimi had to teach Barry Vietnamese. Barry has given tips to his stepson, Joe Sebok, on how to play, but has not given him full instruction, wanting Joe to learn on his own. Barry also has a book, Ace on the River. Barry says that his book can bring anyone’s game up one level. He has been known to give copies of his book to players who knock him out of a tournament, and will sign his name along with the details of the hand.

Barry Greenstein has ranked many different poker players using a system he’s developed. It is very interesting and definitely worth a look.

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