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Career Winnings: $2,930,203
2007 Winnings: $128,432
Bluff/ESPN Ranking: 187th
Cardplayer Ranking: 940th

Andy Bloch is a very smart individual, holding two electrical engineering degrees and a law degree. However, he was never able to get used to a regular job, so he says that he is delaying his career playing poker. Given how well Andy Bloch has done at poker, his career looks like it will be delayed for a very long time. So far in 2007, Andy Bloch has done fairly well, including a 7th place finish and an 11th place finish at the World Series of Poker.

Andy Bloch was born on June 1, 1969. He earned two electrical engineering degrees from MIT, and discovered how to beat a casino game called Hickok along with some of his fellow MIT alumni. The casino eventually figured out what was happening and changed the rules of the game.

In 1993, Andy Bloch was fired from his job after an argument with his boss. It was at this point that Bloch jokingly told his parents that if he couldn’t find a job he could play poker for a living. Bloch eventually went to Harvard to study law after spending a couple of year unemployed, but he skipped the last week of classes in 1997 and 1998 in order to play in the World Series of Poker.

In 1997, Andy Bloch let himself be used as a guinea pig for a friend who recorded Bloch’s hole cards and used them to form a two-part article in Card Player Magazine. Andy Bloch did graduate from law school, but unable to find a job he enjoyed, continued to play poker for living. To date, the only time Andy Bloch has ever practiced law was when defending himself after being arrested at an anti-war protest in 2003.

Andy Bloch’s skill at the poker table has allowed him to avoid more serious work. Bloch made two WSOP final tables in 2001, and had two third place finishes in the first season of the World Poker Tour. He won the second Ultimate Poker Challenge and helped set a new record when he and Chip Reese went heads-up for a record 286 hands at the 2006 $50,000 HORSE event. Chip Reese ended up winning this extremely long battle. Final tables are frequently finished faster than this heads-up battle was. Andy Bloch won the Pro-Am Poker Equalizer in 2006, defeating Phil “The Unabomber” Laak to win half a million dollars.

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