WSOPE Main Event Down to the Money

World Series of Poker Europe Main Event Update

Day 3 of the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event has brought the player field down to final 36, the players who will be heading home with money in their pockets.

Day 3 has been a hard-fought battle, with several players losing most of their stacks before recovering to get back into the tournament.

The winner, or possibly loser, of the bubble boy competition was Jeff Buffenbarger.

It took around 45 minutes to whittle down the field from 37 to 36, and Jeff Buffenbarger was the unfortunate victim. Buffenbarger had the second fewest chips of the remaining players when he called an all-in bet by the short stack, Marcello Marigliano. Marigliano hadn’t played very many hands in the previous hours, yet he still received an immediate call from Buffenbarger. Marigliano showed K10 offsuit and Buffenbarger revealed pocket aces. It looked like Marigliano would be the bubble boy, but the board cards still needed to come. The flop came KQ9, giving Marigliano six outs, the four jacks nad the two remaining kings. The turn was a 7, giving no help to Marigliano. However, on the river came a card that brought horror to Jeff Buffenbarger’s face, one of the two remaining kings, giving Marigliano a set of kings to beat Buffenbarger’s pocket aces.

This hand decimated Buffenbarger’s already small stack and he went all-in soon after. Buffenbarger had two opponents in this hand, Ian Frazer, and John Tabatabai. Frazer and Tabatabai checked the hand down and the board was 8-8-4-Q-2. Tabatabai turned over 4-5 for two pair, beating Buffenbarger’s A-9. Buffenbarger was eliminated as the bubble boy. Buffenbarger was also the bubble boy at a WSOP event earlier this year, so he has plenty of experience in the unenjoyable role he found himself in.

The players went on break and play will resume without stop until 27 players remain.


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