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WPT Forms Partnerships With Amateur Poker League and Classic Gaming Cruises

The World Poker Tour has recently agreed to five-year contracts with the Amateur Poker League and Classic Gaming Cruises to provide even more fun WPT opportunities to a wide range of poker players.

The WPT partnered with the Amateur Poker League, to form the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League, and one lucky player will win their way into a $10,000 WPT event through the WPTAPL. The Amateur Poker League is an organization that hosts more than 500 free poker tournaments weekly across a dozen states at almost 200 locations. With the partnership between the WPT and the APL, players who take part in APL events will earn WPTAPL points which will determine their place on the WPTAPL leaderboard. Through this leaderboard, players will earn their way into regional tournaments, the winners of which will play in the WPTAPL championship. The winner of the WPTAPL championship will be awarded a $10,000 entry into a World Poker Tour tournament.

This is not the only opportunity, however, as every month WPTAPL players will have a chance to receive an invitation to the WPT Celebrity Invitational tournament, which is a freeroll tournament where the winner will advance to the $25,000 World Poker Tour Championship Event.

Poker players will now have the opportunity to sail on WPT cruises, thanks to the new partnership between the WPT and Classic Gaming Cruises. Players can now sail from Miami to the Caribbean on board Norwegian Cruise Line, another partner of Classic Gaming Cruises, and enjoy fun parties, a vast array of cash games, and a WPT tournament which will award a place in a WPT event to the winner. The first of these WPT crusies is scheduled to launch in February 2008.

When commenting on these two partnerships, Steve Lipscomb, the president and CEO of World Poker Tour Enterprises, as well as its founder, said “These innovative partnerships are an exciting addition to our business and as they help create a broader experience for WPT fans and players of all level and locations. Poker is not just about the tournaments anymore. It’s a phenomenon that’s captured and held the attention of millions of people around the globe. and we want to continue creating these exciting opportunities for everyone to experience and enjoy the sport of poker.”


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