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The Unpredictable Game of Pot Limit Omaha

An Experience in Pot Limit Omaha The best way to learn is by doing, and that’s what happened to me in one of my first times playing Pot Limit Omaha. With Pot Limit Omaha the pots will start small, and be restrained by the pot limit rules, but once the flop hits the pot can […]

How To Properly Adjust Your Poker Game To The Table

Adjust to the Table In poker a person must pay a lot of attention to their opponents to find out how their opponents are playing and how to take advantage of them. Poker players must find out which players are loose, which players are tight, which players are dangers, and which players are suitable to […]

Deuce – Seven Triple Draw Poker Common Mistakes

Mistakes to Avoid in Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Deuce to Seven Triple Draw can seem like a complicated game at times, and it is. Even professional players will spend a lot of time dwelling on hands they played in Deuce to Seven Triple Draw because there are so many options; hence, professional players are […]

HORSE Tournament Strategy

Beginning a HORSE Tournament Players always try to make as many chips in their best games in HORSE, and this usually leads to a lot of early action, especially in Limit Texas Holdem. This is why I recommend laying low in Limit Texas Holdem for the first couple rotations while the players who bump up […]

Omaha Poker Mistakes

Omaha Mistakes Players new to the game of Omaha make some very common mistakes. This article is to inform you about some of these mistakes so that you can learn to avoid them. Read on and hopefully your Omaha game will improve. I have four cards not two, so I can play just about any […]

Tactics on Playing Ace-King

Playing Ace-King in Poker Ace-King is one of the most difficult hands for new players to play, as they have a tendency to get enamored with the high cards offered by Ace-King but ignore how low the odds are to win. Ace-King is a good starting hand, but it doesn’t have a significant advantage on […]